MS Optics scope (Magnum Shockproof)

The MS (Magnum Shockproof) riflescope series adopts a second focal plane optical structure design with a 1-inch or 30mm main tube diameter. It utilizes an enhanced axial and horizontal structural reinforcement, effectively improving the scope's ability to withstand impact loads.

This series focuses on impact resistance: the sturdy housing and reinforced joints effectively dissipate impact forces, ensuring the scope maintains high accuracy even under extreme working conditions.

Additionally, the MS series also features excellent optical performance. It employs threaded lens mounting for precise alignments between lenses, optimizing the light path. The wide and clear close-up field of view meets the requirements of an entry-level scope. A multi-layer coated lens surface further improves light transmission for suitable eye relief brightness.

In terms of ergonomics, the MS series emphasizes a refined user feel. It has a compact and well-balanced construction for comfortable long-term carry and use with natural aiming intuitiveness. Meanwhile, its affordable price point provides beginners with an entry option that balances performance and cost.

Overall, through engineered design considerations across performance, reliability, and user experience, the MS series aims to be a quality choice for amateur marksmen starting in the hobby. Its enhanced durability and balance of optics and ergonomics at a low price point make it a compelling option.

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