HD Optics Scope(High Definition)

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DISCOVERYOPT HD Scope Introduction

DISCOVERYOPT HD (high definition) is the first focal plane optical design, suitable for 30mm or 34mm. Discovery's proprietary HD lenses deliver stunning image quality without any edge distortion, bending or fisheye. The optical system is designed to ensure a balance between excellent resolution and optimal light transmission. The HD series is used for target shooting, rat hunting and competition.

DISCOVERYOPT HD Scope Why is it called a high-definition rifle scope?

DISCOVERYOPT HD scope is an ultra-high-definition scope product series. The following are the main features of DISCOVERYOPT HD scope:

1. Ultra-high-definition optical system: DISCOVERYOPT HD optical scope is equipped with an advanced ultra-high-definition optical system, using high-quality optical components and advanced optical technology. It delivers superior optical performance and ultra-high-definition image quality, allowing you to observe every detail of your target and aiming point clearly and in detail, and achieve more accurate shooting.

2. Multi-layer holographic coating: The scope lens is treated with multi-layer holographic coating to minimize light loss and reflection and improve light transmittance. This advanced coating technology ensures greater light transmission efficiency, allowing you to enjoy superior bright, clear vision in a variety of lighting conditions.

3. Wide field of view: DISCOVERYOPT HD scopes may have a wide field of view, allowing you to obtain a wider field of view. This allows you to better perceive the dynamics of the surrounding environment and targets, improving the reaction speed and accuracy of shooting.

4. Advanced anti-reflective properties: DISCOVERYOPT HD sights have advanced anti-reflective properties, which reduce interference from external light and ensure clear vision under bright lighting conditions. This allows you to use the scope in a variety of lighting situations without being affected by light reflections.

5. Durability and protection: DISCOVERYOPT HD scope is designed with durable materials and structure, providing excellent durability and protection. It may be waterproof, fogproof, and dustproof to prevent external elements from impacting the inside of the scope and protect the optics from damage.

6. Focus and magnification functions: DISCOVERYOPT HD scopes may have focus and magnification functions, allowing you to adjust focus and magnification as needed. This can accommodate different distances and target sizes, providing a more precise aiming and shooting experience.

In short, the DISCOVERYOPT HD sight provides shooters with an excellent ultra-high-definition visual experience due to its ultra-high-definition optical system, multi-layer holographic coating, wide field of view, and advanced anti-reflective properties. In various shooting scenarios, DISCOVERYOPT HD scopes can provide clear and detailed images, allowing you to observe and aim at the target more accurately, thus improving the hit rate and effect of shooting.

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