Rifle Scope Leveling Kit Tutorial

Author: Discoveryopt Release time: 2024-04-01 06:06:57 View number: 1991

Instructional video on how to use the scope leveling tool

  • 1. Secure the rifle's scope and place it on a level surface.
  • 2. Use magnification to check if the reticle appears skewed. If so, proceed to adjust.
  • 3. Loosen leveling kit lock nuts.
  • 4. Rotate leveling screws using an Allen wrench to level the scope against the reference surface, visually or with assistance.
  • 5. Make fine adjustments by half-turns and check the effect until perfectly level.
  • 6. Re-tighten screws on both sides to lock in position.
  • 7. Recheck and shooting may commence if balanced. Repeat the process as needed.