DISCOVERYOPT HT 3-12X40SF Compact FFP Optics Scope

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The product model is HT 3-12X40SF FFP, which should be a scope under the Discoveryopt brand.

The zoom ratio is 3-12 times, which means the zoom can be freely adjusted between 3 times and 12 times.

The objective lens diameter is 40 mm. A larger aperture can collect more light and facilitate observation.

The length is 270 mm, it is wide and lightweight, making it more convenient to hold and use.

FFP represents a full-frame sight (First Focal Plane), and the field of view and rear sight will match the magnification of the objective lens.

The maximum zoom is 12 times, which can meet the needs of medium and close-range hunting and shooting.

This product is a high-performance full-frame sight under the Discoveryopt brand, with a wide range of zoom ratios and excellent optical quality.


Shipping Information
Non-deliverable areas India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Africa, (Can be sent to South Africa) , Greece, Southeast Asia, South Korea, North Korea.
Free Shipping YES
customs tax Excluding buyer import taxes
Color black
Item Weight 406g
Material Aluminum
MagnificationMaximum 12X
MagnificationMinimum 3X
Objective LensDiameter 40mm
Focal Plane FFP
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