WG Scopes(Tactical)

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DISCOVERYOPT WG Scope Why is it called a tactical optics scope?

DISCOVERYOPT WG scope is a series of scope products specially designed for tactical shooting. Here are the key features of the DISCOVERYOPT WG scope:

1. Durable and Sturdy: DISCOVERYOPT WG scope is designed with sturdy materials and structure to cope with the harsh conditions in combat environments. They are typically waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof, and can withstand the elements such as shock, vibration, and harsh weather. The durable performance of the DISCOVERYOPT WG scope makes it a reliable companion in tactical shooting, ensuring its reliability and stability in combat.

2. Multifunctional design: DISCOVERYOPT WG scopes may have multiple functions and features to meet the needs of tactical shooting. They may come with a quick focus feature that allows the shooter to quickly adjust focus to targets at different distances. In addition, the DISCOVERYOPT WG scope may also have night vision function, red dot/green dot aiming point, ranging function, etc. to enhance the adaptability and accuracy of shooting.

3. Wide field of view: DISCOVERYOPT WG scopes generally have a wide field of view, allowing shooters to better observe the surrounding environment and targets. A wide field of view helps improve perception and target identification, allowing shooters to make decisions and reactions faster, increasing their tactical advantage.

4. Quick Aim: DISCOVERYOPT WG scopes may be equipped with a quick aim function, allowing shooters to lock on to targets quickly and accurately. These functions may include quick adjustment knobs, one-button focus adjustment, and one-button aiming point switching to improve the response speed and accuracy of shooting. The quick aiming function allows shooters to quickly respond to target changes during combat, increasing tactical flexibility.

5. Powerful magnification: DISCOVERYOPT WG scopes may have powerful magnification to adapt to different distances and target sizes in tactical shooting. High magnification enables shooters to observe target details more clearly, improving aiming accuracy and effectiveness. This is very important for long range sniping and precision shooting.

To sum up, the DISCOVERYOPT WG scope is an ideal choice for tactical shooting due to its durability and solidity, multi-functional design, wide field of view, fast aiming and powerful magnification. They meet the demands of combat environments, delivering high performance, reliability and adaptability, allowing shooters to gain an advantage in combat and achieve tactical objectives.

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