HS Optics Scope(Anti shock)

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DISCOVERYOPT HS Optics Scope Introduction

DISCOVERYOPT HS (Anti-shock) series: the first focal plane optical design, 30mm main tube. These scopes offer top-notch axial and horizontal shock resistance. The unique shock-proof design ensures that the scope remains zero even under extreme recoil.

DISCOVERYOPT HS Optics Scope Introduction

DISCOVERYOPT HS Scope Why is it called a high shock-proof optics scope?

DISCOVERYOPT HS scope is a product series of scopes with high shock resistance. The following are the main features of DISCOVERYOPT HS scope:

1. Reinforced structural design: DISCOVERYOPT HS scope adopts a reinforced structural design, using strong and durable materials and structures to increase its overall shock-resistant performance. It resists shock and shock, keeping the scope stable in intense shooting environments.

2. Anti-shock compensation system: DISCOVERYOPT HS scopes may be equipped with an anti-shock compensation system, which can offset the vibration and impact generated during shooting through internal damping mechanisms and stabilizing devices. This reduces scope shake and jitter, providing a more stable field of view and an accurate aiming point.

3. Shock-proof coating: The internal optical components of the scope may be treated with a special shock-proof coating to improve its shock resistance. This coating can absorb and disperse energy from external vibrations, reducing vibration interference on the optical system and ensuring clear and stable vision.

4. Anti-shock adjustment system: DISCOVERYOPT HS scopes may be equipped with an anti-shock adjustment system, which uses its internal adjustment mechanism to offset the impact generated during shooting. This allows the scope to quickly and accurately adjust the aiming point to adapt to different shooting conditions and improve shooting accuracy.

5. Durability and protection: DISCOVERYOPT HS sights have excellent durability and protection properties and can maintain reliable performance under harsh environmental conditions. It may be waterproof, fogproof, and dustproof to prevent external elements from impacting the inside of the scope and protect the optics from damage.

In short, the DISCOVERYOPT HS sight provides excellent shock resistance with its reinforced structural design, anti-shock compensation system, anti-shock coating, and anti-shock adjustment system. Whether in a fierce shooting environment or facing severe vibration and impact, the DISCOVERYOPT HS scope can maintain a stable field of view and accurate aiming point, helping shooters achieve precise shooting.

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